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Oxidation control

Our aim is to foster a world where the power of natural solutions is recognized and appreciated by all – from the sourcing of raw materials to animal welfare, all the way to your business margins.
We’re steadfastly committed to safeguarding against oxidation, preventing it from even reaching the initial phase.

Natural antioxidants
produced in the Netherlands

Our products are a testament to the power of nature and the innovation of science. We skillfully craft each product using the most potent natural antioxidants – vitamins and dynamic herbal extracts – each one chosen for its unique role. But there’s no one-size-fits-all here; we understand the value of synergy, and the importance of finding the right combination of ingredients that will work harmoniously in each unique situation.
Our dedicated team carries out comprehensive investigations for each client, ensuring we leverage the full potential of our high-performance ingredients. Tocopherols, Tocotrienols, Rosemary, Green Tea, and Phospholipids, although powerful on their own, often reveal their true strengths when combined in specific ways.
The result is a tailor-made solution, reflecting the precision and quality of Dutch craftsmanship.
We’re guided by a common sense approach and abiding by EU laws regarding antioxidants.
And rest assured, we operate in harmony with all common quality standards.

Analytics as a Service

We’re proud to stand alongside our customers, offering a comprehensive range of analytical services and support to combat oxidation and maintain freshness, all at a competitive price point.
Our analytical tests are more than just procedures, they are precise examinations carried out using the latest methods, providing rapid and insightful snapshots of your antioxidants’ performance.
We’re equipped to provide tailored solutions and thoroughly assess the oxidation status of your products to emerge with the most suitable solution.

We are a fresh new company with an innovative spirit, dedicated to delivering robust and natural products that fiercely protect the freshness of lipid components in pet food, rendered products and animal feed applications

Bextral and Konvergent are partnering in the development of Antioxidants Control Systems, driving their shared commitment to find science-based solutions to achieve the best possible shelf life extensions

Our team? A collective of seasoned professionals and pioneers, mastering the art and science of oxidation control. Our established production line is our canvas, where we meticulously craft various natural blends, ensuring the harmony between components is always a central theme. While we have a rich history with synthetic antioxidation, we’re now setting our compass towards natural solutions.

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